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Once upon a time, there was a man who was still worried but most concerned about his health. And what terrified him most dearly was the day of his death. One day, overwhelmed by such thoughts, he came to the conclusion that he was not entirely sure whether he was still alive or already dead. So he decided to go to the doctor and ask:

- Tell me please, am I dead or am I alive? But prove it to me.

The doctor laughed and advised him to touch his hands and feet.

- You feel? They are warm! It means you are alive. If you were dead, your hands and feet would be icy cold.

The answer sounded reasonable enough to reassure him.

Winter has come. On a frosty and snowy day, a man went to the forest to cut wood. He pulled off his gloves and began chopping the trunks with the ax. When he wiped his sweaty forehead with his hand after a while, he found she was cold. Remembering what the doctor had told him, he pulled off his shoes and touched his feet. He was strengthened in his horror - his feet were as cold as ice.

Now he had no doubts, his darkest thoughts had come true - he "realized" he was dead.

The dead man shouldn't be walking in the woods and swinging an ax, he thought ...

So he put the ax next to the tree, lay down on the icy ground, and, folding his hands over his chest, closed his eyes. He took a position as befits a dead man. Soon a pack of wild dogs approached the wagon. Seeing that no one was going to drive them away, the dogs tore the sack of provisions and devoured everything that could be eaten. Seeing this, the lying man thought, “They are lucky to be already dead. If I were alive, I'd take the stick and chase them out of here. "

The dogs sniffed on and found a mule tied to a tree. It was easy prey for sharp dogs' teeth. The mule kicked and squealed, and you thought about what he would do if he were alive. How would he swing an ax and a stick in defense of an animal? But he's dead.

The dogs dealt with the mule in a few minutes and began chewing on the bones. Then the cheerful pack sniffed on and carefully made their way around the area. After a while, one of the dogs sensed the human. He looked around and saw the woodcutter lying motionless on the ground. He approached him slowly. He was careful because he knew people were tricky and dangerous. The human, however, did not move. The rest of the dogs quickly joined and, swallowing, slowly began to surround the man.

"Now they're going to eat me," thought the man. - "If I lived, I would show them what I can, and the end of this story would be different."

The dogs hitched and, seeing that the man was not moving, they devoured him.

Chinese fairytale

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