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A parable of Truth and Lie

A parable of truth and lie-Empowermentt Coaching Krakow Blog
René Magritte, painting Untitled (Two Girls Walking Along a Street), 1954

Why is it so easy for people to buy a lie and so hard for them to believe the truth? Why is simplicity so difficult to appeal to us and why do we like ornaments so much? The following parable of Truth and Lie metaphorically explains why this is so.

A Parable of Truth and Lie meeting

One day, Truth and Lie stood in their way.

"Good morning," said the Lie.

"Good morning," answered the Truth.

"A beautiful day," said the Lie.

Then the Truth leaned out to see if it was true. Was.

"A beautiful day," said the Truth then.

"The lake is even more beautiful," said the Lie.

Then Truth looked towards the lake and saw that The Lie was telling the truth and nodded. The lie ran to the water and said:

- The water is even more beautiful. Will we go swimming?

The truth touched the water with her fingers, and she really was beautiful. They both removed their clothes, got into the water, and started swimming. Moments later, the Lie unexpectedly emerged from the water, put on the garments of the Truth, and walked away.

The Truth, unable to disguise herself as the Lie, began to walk without clothes, and the sight of it terrified everyone.

And so, to this day, people prefer a beautifully dressed Lie to the naked Truth.

And Winston Churchill summed it up in an incomparable way in the following sentence:

A lie is already halfway around the world before the truth even gets its pants on.

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