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Coach and Mentor
Justyna Kapuśniak

My name is Justyna Kapuśniak. 

I am a Certified Coach and Business Mentor.

Coaching Ryszard Skarbek: About me


I work with clients in the area of individual and team coaching.
I deal with both life coaching and business coaching.

Examples of my Coachees' areas of work include:

  • defining and achieving private and professional goals,

  • defining a vision, and action plan and implementing them following your values,

  • discovering and realizing personal and professional potential,

  • becoming a more aware parent, leader, or manager,

  • increasing self-confidence; increasing personal effectiveness,

  • successfully finding your way in a new position or workplace,

  • finding a balance between professional work and personal life.

Many years of experience gained in a multicultural concern allow me to well understand the challenges related to broadly understood management in organizations, in particular, management  
in an international environment, change management, or diversity.


I have over 20 years of experience working in an international corporation operating in the food industry. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to develop my competencies in many professional roles in areas related to broadly understood Management, Sales, and Marketing.


For almost 8 years, I served as the President of the Management Board of a production company

operating on the Foodservice/Out-of-home market.

Every day I do work in which I find professional fulfillment and constantly develop.


I have been managing international projects for almost 10 years and working with wonderful people

coming from different countries and different cultures.


Additionally, I act as a Diversity & Inclusion Ambassador

and I am an active member of the EW@ (Empowering Women@Work) women's community.

In my work, I use the knowledge acquired during various training in the field of Project Management and Change Management, and extremely important and useful competencies from the School of Facilitators, Trainers, and Coaches at the Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland.

I am a great enthusiast of the participatory management style and the coaching approach to working with teams and individuals.

Coaching Practice

In 2022, I graduated from the "Wszechnica UJ" Coach High School, and completed "The Art & Science of Coaching Program, Module I-V” at the ACTP level, entitling me to apply for ICF accreditation at the ACC/PCC level. Since January 2024, I have been a member of the International Coaches Association ICF

(International Coaching Federation) and I operate by the ICF Code of Ethics.

I provide coaching in the solution-focused approach (Erickson Solution-Focused Coaching). I am extremely grateful and consider it a privilege to be able to support and accompany Coachees

in their personal and professional development.

Coaching allows me to better understand the world, reality, and people around us.
It constantly invites you to deep reflection.


Since 2017, I have been actively participating in the international IPMA association

(International Project Management Association).

In 2022, as an IPMA Assessor, I assessed projects submitted in the IPMA competition for the Best Managed Projects in Poland (IPMA Polish Project Excellence Award).


I also acted as an IPMA Judge, assessing international projects submitted to the IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards (Small-/ Medium-sized Projects).

Additionally, as a volunteer, I have been participating as a Mentor since May 2023

in the Mentoring Program of the Women Business Leaders Foundation and I very much hope to continue participating in this program in the coming years.

About Me Privately

I love learning and sharing knowledge.

In particular, I am interested in areas related to change management and diversity management

and psychology in coaching. 


I am an enthusiast and practitioner of a healthy organization concept and co-creating a learning culture.

I am constantly looking for and drawing inspiration from people I have the pleasure of meeting by participating in various initiatives, training and development workshops, industry events, and conferences.

My great passion is learning foreign languages and traveling.

Currently, I am fluent in three foreign languages.


I like spending my free time with my loved ones, family, and friends, traveling closer and further, to competitions,  and all kinds of sports and dance events, and on walks in the forest or the mountains. I have a wonderful daughter Hania and husband Marek.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with me and get to know me better during our introductory session!

Best regards and see you/hear! 😊


Coaching Ryszard Skarbek: Certificates

Selected Certificates and Diplomas

Coach Justyna Kapuśniak - Erickson Coaching International Certificate
Coach Jystyna Kapuśniak-Certyfikat ECI
Mentor Justyna Kapuśniak - Prosci Facilitator Certificate
Coach Justyna Kapusniak ACTP eng
Mentor Justyna-Kapuśniak - Certyfikat Change Management Foundation-
Mentor Justyna Kapuśniak - Certyfikat-Agile PM
Mentor Justyna-Kapusniak -Global Judge IPMA
Mentor Justyna Kapuśniak - Certyfikat Ukończenia Szkolenia Asesorów Projektów Metodą IPMA.
Mentor Justyna Kapuśniak - Certyfikat IPMA PL
Mentor Justyna Kapuśniak - Certyfikat Green Project Manager
Coach Justyna Kapusniak - Certificate DISC D3 Consultant Eng

Selected Trainings

  • Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Certificate

  • The Art and Science of Coaching – Coaches School, Jagiellonian University and Erickson Coaching International

  • Certified DISC D3 Consultant

  • Certified Change Management Expert using the Prosci Method

  • School of Facilitators of the Jagiellonian University

  • School of Trainers of the Jagiellonian University

  • Training for Mentors of the Women Business Leaders Foundation

Coach and Mentor Justyna Kapuśniak
Customers opinion

Kasia, Photographer

Coaching with Justyna gave me hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel, this spark of positive thinking that things will get better and everything will work out because I ALREADY HAVE A PLAN for myself. These meetings brought me the feeling that not everything is as hopeless as it seems and that I can move forward. I learned some new things about myself and remembered some old ones that gave me some encouragement to accomplish what I want and need to do. I felt that I had more courage and verve to act, I arranged some things in my head. Coaching had a positive impact on my daily schedule, planning things, and taking small but regular steps towards the better. He made me believe that certain things could be done.


During the coaching process, I greatly appreciated Justyna's empathetic, friendly, and non-judgmental attitude. Thanks to this, I felt at ease, and talking to her came naturally. I liked the fact that Justyna didn't tell me directly what to do - she let me figure it out on my own.

I would say that Justyna is the best person in the best place. With knowledge, heart, and passion for guiding the lost to the right path :)


Who could particularly benefit from working with Justyna?
People lost in life, unsure of what to do next, what path to choose (e.g. professional - as was the case with me). People who do not believe in themselves and their abilities, people who always put themselves at the bottom of the hierarchy.
People who are afraid to take steps forward because they are afraid of being judged by others. People who have a ringing bell somewhere about the right path, but they don't know which church it rings in ;)

Agata, Youthworker/Trainer

Before I decided to start coaching with Justyna, I felt very lost - I wanted to grab a few magpies by the tail and maybe even chase the next one, not knowing where exactly I wanted to go. With a lot of uncertainty, a pinch of skepticism, and an open approach, I decided that it might be worth trying this technique to answer some basic questions.


Imagine my surprise when it turned out that finding answers to simple questions would have such a huge impact on my life, attitudes, and point of view. I found keywords that appear in my head automatically when I need courage, self-confidence, or, conversely, distance and a return to my values.


Now some of the impossibilities are absurd to me - literally, a miracle happened after coaching and I like returning to this sense of possibility resulting from action.


During the coaching process, Justyna was a great companion, characterized by warmth, a smile, and inquisitiveness. What was also extraordinary was the trust thanks to which I was able to notice and say those truths that were uncomfortable for me, and all this without forcing my comfort zone.


I am deeply convinced that thanks to coaching with Justyna, you can solve many issues - both seemingly small and more strategic ones.


So whether you need to find a path or verify your goal, Justyna will be a great companion on this unique journey!

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