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Free Test
for Highly Sensitive Personality HSP

Free Test for Highly Sensitive Personality-HSP

Do you feel like you don't fit in today's world?
And what is happening around you is overwhelming you?

Do you like being alone and think it's weird?

Or maybe, on the one hand, you are delighted with the beauty, and on the other hand, the large number of things to do at once is very disturbing for you? 

Perhaps you are the person who is characterized
Highly Sensitive Personality


According to scientific research, such people constitute about 20% of the entire population, and interestingly,
both among women as well as among men.

And the High Sensitivity trait is inborn and associated
with a particular type of nervous system.

This free Highly Sensitive Personality test is designed in pdf format and will let you find out if you belong to the HSP group.


In addition to the HSP test form and interpretation of its results, by downloading this free e-book you will also receive access to the most frequently asked questions and links to reliable sources on the HSP topic.

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What's in the free ebook Highly Sensitive Personality Test?

This Highly Sensitive Personality Test is intended for adults and is a copy of the original test developed by the American psychologist Elaine N. Aron, the creator of the term Highly Sensitive Person, who herself is HSP. Empowerment Coaching obtained the author's consent to publish and distribute this test on our website.

The test consists of 27 questions, which must be answered "Yes" or "No".  We have prepared test templates in various graphic designs. From the templates included in the ebook, you will be able to choose the one that suits you best.

In addition to the test itself and the interpretation of its results, in our free ebook, you will also find a section of frequently asked questions on how to make sure you are HSP.

In addition, this free booklet also contains a list of links to valuable and reliable sources on the topic of HSP and a list of books in English on the topic of High Sensitivity - both for adults and children. In the list of additional information, you will also find links to a test performed by the children themselves and to a test where a parent can assess their child for HSP. The entire ebook consists of 20 pages and is available in pdf format.

The table of contents of our ebook with the Highly Sensitive Personality Test is as follows:

1. Instructions for completing the test

2. Test templates in three different formats

3. Interpretation of test results

4. HSP - Frequently Asked Questions

5. Sources of knowledge on HSP

6. Books on HSP in English

In-depth information on the Highly Sensitive Personality

If you are genuinely interested in the topic of high sensitivity and a unique feature called Highly Sensitive Personality, we invite you to read the series of articles published on the Empowerment Coaching blog.


The most important of them is the column entitled Highly Sensitive Person - what is their uniqueness?

In this comprehensive study, you will find, among others, an explanation of what a Highly Sensitive Personality is, who discovered and defined it first, you will find out what are the most important features of this unique personality type and you will receive practical tips for highly sensitive people, thanks to which their lives can change dramatically. This applies to both adults and children.

In addition to the above study, on our blog, you will also find other entries dedicated to the subject of high sensitivity, including myths about Highly Sensitive People and special quotes and inspirations for people with this type of personality.

Free Test for Highly Sensitive Person-HSP

Why is taking the Highly Sensitive Person test important?

As in any field, also in the case of Highly Sensitive People, we deal with simplifications and myths. For example, Highly Sensitive People are often considered weak or emotionally unstable. Equally often, Highly Sensitive People are associated with shyness, clumsiness, and introversion.


However, this has little to do with the truth. It is also interesting that highly sensitive people themselves are often unaware of their uniqueness and only taking a High Sensitivity Test or reading one of Elaine N. Aron's books puts their own self-image in order. Up to this point, they themselves often feel misunderstood by the world and think that something is wrong with them.


In fact, they belong to the population of about 20% of people born with a special type of nervous system that processes the information it receives in a special way. For this reason, these people react in a certain way to external stimuli, as well as have special features of internal life. These qualities, like everything in this world, have their good and bad sides.


So the question is not "How to stop being a highly sensitive person?", but "How to be one and in harmony with yourself?"


For example, by learning self-regulation and using your features to the greatest benefit - for yourself and the environment.

In addition, due to the fact that High Sensitivity Personality is a relatively young concept and not yet sufficiently widespread, high sensitivity is often considered a disorder. And it is not! It's just one of the shades of human personality.

For the same reason, high sensitivity is often misdiagnosed in children as a specific spectrum of autism, e.g. Asperger's syndrome.

So it is worth taking the time and making every effort not to hurt the child as a result of a wrong approach or a superficial diagnosis, condemning them to the undeserved "stigma" of the disorder. How to do it?

You will find the answers to this question in our e-book.

And finally, we would like to touch upon one more aspect selected from the wide spectrum of the Highly Sensitive Person. Well, research conducted by Elaine N. Aron and her team confirmed that the trait of high sensitivity does not depend on gender. In other words, there are roughly equal numbers of women and men in the population of Highly Sensitive People.

On the other hand, men completing the HSP test get lower results. How is this possible?

You will also find the answer to this question in our ebook on HSP.

Summary of the benefits of taking the Highly Sensitive Personality test

As we mentioned earlier, often the Highly Sensitive Person himself is not aware of his personality trait. This is also confirmed by our coaching practice at Empowerment Coaching. In the vast majority of cases, our Clients who showed symptoms of a Highly Sensitive Personality whom we asked to confirm this hypothesis by performing a test - had not heard of HSP before or were not aware of the uniqueness of their features.


Elaine N. Aron, herself a Highly Sensitive Person, puts it this way:


"(We're) a package deal. Our vulnerability trait means we'll also be cautious, introverted, needing extra time to ourselves. Because most people without this trait don't understand it, they see us as timid, weak, or - the greatest sin of all - fearing these labels, we try to be like others. But this leads to overexcitation and nervousness. This causes us to be labeled neurotic or crazy, first by others and then by ourselves."

Therefore, the greatest benefit of taking the Highly Sensitive Person test is getting to know yourself and putting your own image in order. And in the case of confirming the HSP feature, realizing all the consequences resulting from this fact - the good ones and the more demanding ones. Coaching can be a very valuable support for Highly Sensitive People. Especially coaching conducted by a professional who is a Highly Sensitive Person herself.

Identification of the HSP feature definitely accelerates self-development in every area of one's life - both private and professional. 


For example, being an HSP makes certain professions and career paths absolutely inadvisable, while due to the depth of processing, empathy, ability to think strategically, and the ability to comprehensively analyze complex matters, the HSP will always outperform others in certain specific roles and professions.

But still, the most important thing is that thanks to the HSP test and making sure that you are HSP, you have a chance to fully know, understand and accept yourself. And then a conscious life in harmony with your nature and full use of your talents. It is simply the life of a fulfilled person who feels that he is in his place.

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