Kinesiology – can truth be easily distinguished from false?

Today I'm going to start a little backward. The theme will be "kinesiology," but before explaining the term, first a few words on Dr. David Hawkins. In this post, we'll explain why we're starting backward.

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Dr. David. R. Hawkins is a Ph.D. in Psychiatry and a lifetime member of the American Psychiatric Association. During his 50 years of research work, he conducted research with many Nobel Prize winners. He also received a knighthood from the Queen of Denmark. He has published quite a few very interesting books (about which a few words later). In any case, we are dealing with a very reliable and respected person. And I'm writing about it because the method he developed seems weird.

Based on his 29-year research, Hawkins proved that man can naturally distinguish truth from falsehood (or, more accurately, it should be said: from untruth).