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A group of hunters hired a small plane to take them out into the wooded area. Two weeks later the pilot flew in to take them back. He glanced at the animals they shot and said:

“This plane won't take more than one wild buffalo. You'll have to leave the rest.

"But last year, a pilot allowed us to take two buffalo of this size on a plane," they protested.

The pilot doubted, but finally said, "Well, if you did it last year, I think you can do it now."

And the plane took off with three people and two buffaloes. But it could not rise to the correct height and crashed into a neighboring hill. The men struggled out of the wreckage and looked around. One hunter said to another:

- "Where do you think we are?"

This one carefully looked around and replied:

"I think we're about two miles to the left of where we crashed a year ago."

Anthony de Mello, "The Frog's Prayer"

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