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About the art of conclusion drawing. The greedy lose twice

Empowerment Coaching Krakow Blog-The greedy looses twice

Another of the anecdotes contained in the book by Anthony de Mello titled "Frog's Prayer". Today we will lean over human greed, inability to draw the right conclusions, blind stubbornness, and wishful thinking. The story of how the greedy man loses twice.

An anecdote about the art of drawing conclusions

A group of hunters hired a small plane to take them out into the wooded area. Two weeks later the pilot flew in to take them back. He glanced at the animals they shot and said:

“This plane won't take more than one wild buffalo. You'll have to leave the rest.

"But last year, a pilot allowed us to take two buffalo of this size on a plane," they protested.

The pilot doubted, but finally said, "Well, if you did it last year, I think you can do it now."

And the plane took off with three people and two buffaloes. But it could not rise to the correct height and crashed into a neighboring hill. The men struggled out of the wreckage and looked around. One hunter said to another:

- "Where do you think we are?"

This one carefully looked around and replied:

"I think we're about two miles to the left of where we crashed a year ago."

What is the moral of this anecdote about hunters?

The greedy lose twice

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