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Coaching humor

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Humor and anecdotes are a wonderful form of awareness-raising. And sometimes it just makes you feel better. And the ability to laugh at yourself, and to keep the right distance from yourself is extremely valuable and liberating. So let's laugh at coaches today! Here is a list of coaching jokes that sometimes show that moderation in everything is the golden rule. This principle also applies to coaching, and also to the one conducted by Empowerment Coaching Krakow.

Coaching humor

See the list of coaching jokes and anecdotes.

Can the coach change the light bulb?

Only the bulb itself can change!

How do people understand what coaching is

Two colleagues are meeting. They talk about other classmates from elementary school.

- You know - says the first - Tom became a coach.

- What the hell is that? What is this industry?

- I don't know, probably mining. He says he frees up natural resources.

Karma returns to coach

The coach comes to the doctor and the doctor says:

- On a scale of one to ten, you have a strong seven.

Why does the coach have a problem with a medical consultation?

Because the doctor in the coach's presence leaves the comfort zone.

Why can't a coach be a judge?

Because it is the client who is responsible for the process.

The coach comes to the doctor. The doctor asks:

- What is the purpose of your visit?

- And this is what we will work out during our conversation - the coach replies.

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