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Can the coach change the light bulb?

Only the bulb itself can change!

Two colleagues are meeting. They talk about other classmates from elementary school.

- You know - says the first - Tom became a coach.

- What the hell is that? What is this industry?

- I don't know, probably mining. He says he frees up natural resources.

The coach comes to the doctor and the doctor says:

- On a scale of one to ten, you have a strong seven.

Why does the coach have a problem with a medical consultation?

Because the doctor at the coach's presence leaves the comfort zone.

Why can't a coach be a judge?

Because it is the client who is responsible for the process.

The coach comes to the doctor. The doctor asks:

- What is the purpose of your visit?

- And this is what we will work out during our conversation - the coach replies.

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