Do you feel “locked in a square”?

Empowerment Coaching Blog-Do you feel locked in a square

Right after the life coaching session, out of nowhere, such an “unkempt” reflection came to my mind:

What is the shape of the monitor you are looking at while reading this text?

What shape is the desk on which this monitor stands? And what does the TV in your home look like? And the doorframe in the apartment? And the door itself? Windows? Walls? The building itself?

Rectangles. Squares. Sharp angles… These are the dominant shapes.

Sadly, today’s society spends 90% of its life in such rooms. Is this our natural environment?

Completely different shapes dominate nature. Let’s look at the mountains, forests, rivers, flowers, animals, clouds…

How difficult will it be to find a rectangle there? And what a multitude of forms accompany Nature. How much we have cut ourselves off from this natural environment.

Is it any wonder then that we often feel that we are locked inside a (square) box?

That we are suffocating, that we lack living space. After all, we gave ourselves a life in the world of boxes and sharp, aggressive shapes. Especially now, when we work remotely, we are “locked in a square”.

“Remember the gardens You came from there In the heat of the age, they will keep you cool Only trees, only leaves… ” wrote Polish poet Jonasz Kofta.

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