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A story of big revelation

Empowerment Coaching Blog-A story of big revelation

Another episode of coaching for fun on the Empowerment Coaching Kraków blog. Today we will go with the scholar to the great Guru and we will seek revelation together.

An anecdote about a great revelation

A certain Guru promised a scholar a revelation more significant than that contained in the holy books.

When the scholar ardently asked for it, the Guru said, “Go outside into the rain and raise your head and arms to the heavens. This will allow you to have the first revelation."

The next day, a scholar came to report what had happened. "I followed your advice, the water ran down my collar - and I felt like a fool."

"Well," said the Guru, "don't you think that as for the first day, this is quite a big revelation?"

Anthony de Mello, "The Frog's Prayer"

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