How to deal with a difficult boss? - ep. 2

Empowerment Coaching Krakow Blog-How to deal with a difficult boss 2

In the previous episode, we explained decision-making styles as well as highlighted the importance of detail preferences. You will find there some interesting hints. They can be useful in particular when it comes to convincing your boss.

In today's article, you will find another set of pragmatic solutions. I will elaborate on the principle of “cats and dogs”, seemingly infantile and simple, but extremely effective. And didn’t Robin Sharma say that “simplicity is a trademark of genius”? 😀

Dogs and cats at work

Let’s start with “cats”. They are people focused on maintaining good relations with other people. This is what they care most about. This is of paramount importance for them. As a rule, these people are easily accessible. Their tone of voice fluctuates depending on the situation. Body language is quite lively in most cases.

“Dogs” are goal-oriented, results-oriented, problem-solving people. For them, efficiency and the fact that you can rely on someone are of paramount importance. They are perceived as dry, sometimes even sharp. Their tone of voice usually does not change. B