Self-coaching: difficult situations and NVC method

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Today, we are starting a series of columns that are intended to provide specific tools for working on ourselves. They can be used both for working with ourselves and when we want to help another person (e.g. at work, when we support someone from our team).

In both cases, the methods presented below make it possible to become aware of your "blind spots", separate interpretations from facts, and broaden your perspective. And broadening this perspective opens the door to better understanding and revealing previously unnoticed possibilities of solutions.

One general method is to ask questions that focus on the positives. It causes us to shift our attention from the plane of the problem to the plane of the solution. Starting from this safe and optimistic place "we are looking for a solution" it is easier to mobilize our resources and see opportunities that we do not see stuck in the "problem" area.

And on this occasion, a small digression on the question "why?" (related to working on oneself)

Why should you be careful with the question "why?" 🙂