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Self-coaching - Sense of Agency

Empowerment Coaching Krakow-Self Coaching on sense of agency

One of the most important keys to our fulfillment is the ability to focus our attention on what we WANT. This, in turn, requires clarity about your own goals, plans, and intentions. As well as transparency in the definition of the boundaries we do not agree to cross.

Self-coaching of the sense of agency

I believe that we create our life, that we are the "blacksmith of our own happiness" and, most importantly, that we are responsible for our life.

No one else.

If we can consciously assume this responsibility (which also means responsibility for any "unpleasant" things we have experienced in the past), then we are on the right path to finding our only unique path in this world and ultimately achieving a sense of personal fulfillment.

Do you feel responsible for your life?

To what extent do you feel like the owner of your life, and to what extent do you have the impression that you are drifting or torn by the uncertainty and changeability of the reality that surrounds you?

Properly asked questions have enormous power.

So ask yourself:

  • What do I mostly focus my ATTENTION on? What am I immersed in at the moment? What is consuming me? (e.g. what do I think first when I wake up in the morning?)

  • Do I know what I really WANT?

  • WHAT are my NEEDS not being met?

  • HOW CAN I achieve what I want or what I need?

  • WHERE can I go from where I am today? Where do I want to go?

  • WHAT will it get me?

Certainly, you have experienced a situation in which you have struggled with a problem more than once, and the more you thought about solving it, the more difficult it was to find it. However, a break, putting the matter off for a while, a nap (a very good way!), and a walk (a very good way!) might cause the solution would come out of nowhere.

Right? 🙂

So if you want answers to questions that are important to you, STOP!

Only a still mind is pure.

And please think: it's not time that is rushing, it's YOU! Time has always been flowing in the same rhythm. And many people are rushing more and more today without actually knowing their destination.

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