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How often do you ask yourself: what is important to me in Life?

How well do you know the answer to this question?

I think this question is very important and finding an honest answer is even more important. Because if something is important to us, we devote our time to it. And on what we devote our time in life depends very much what results we get in it.

If we do not devote attention, time, and energy to something, it means that "this thing" is not important to us and therefore does not represent our VALUE.

A closer look at this topic can lead us to some very interesting discoveries:

  • e.g. answering the question of why something happens to us regularly that we do not want (part of this thread may be the so-called "bad luck"),

  • understanding why we react to certain situations or people in a way and no different

  • identifying our internal conflicts (and, for example, understanding why, after making a certain choice, we feel bad about it, although we did our best to make the best possible decision)

Why is it like that? Since values ​​are filters based on which we create our inner image of reality. Also our self-image. Well-overworked, they become a compass that gracefully guides us through life.

This free guidebook will guide you through the process of discovering and organizing your Life VALUES

The advantage of the process it contains is simplicity. All you need is silence, a pen, and a few sheets of paper. In addition to specific instructions, the description also includes examples, although there will not be too many of them so as not to suggest answers to you and affect your choices.

After completing the work, you will receive a list of the 10 most valuable VALUES for you, arranged in order of importance.

And another advantage of the process is that in addition to being aware of what is important to you, you can also hear other very valuable "aha!"

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