Why do we need Life Values? – ep. 3

Empowerment Coaching Krakow Blog-Why do we need life values 3

In previous episodes, we defined the concept of VALUES, wrote about how Distortions and Generalizations work, about when and what VALUES are formed in our lives, and how important it is whether we follow our own VALUES in life.

We often start our adult life with luggage that was "packed" during our childhood and youth. And we often do not realize how much this baggage has influenced our choices and our behavior. I myself went through many years of "cleaning" or getting rid of unnecessary ballast. Moreover, this process is still going on and I think it will last until the end of my days (unless I reach the level of "enlightenment" sooner 😇

It is no coincidence that VALUES are also one of the first threads that appeared on this blog. Because I believe deeply (and this is also my personal experience) that you first need to have strong, healthy foundations in order to be able to continue building successfully. If we don't "fumigate" the foundations, we can hang pink curtains in the windows, feng-shui bells in the door, etc. ... and in the house, there will be toxic energy anyway.