Sunday depression – 2

Empowerment Coaching Blog-Sunday depression 2

"Happy is the person who has not lost a child's heart." Mengzi (also called Meng Ke) Chinese philosopher from the 4th century BC.

Let's go back to our childhood for a moment. It doesn't matter if it was successful or not, happy or traumatic. If we are already so "mentally old" that we are not able to recreate our childhood years - let's take a look at our little children.

How much curiosity about the world accompanies them?

They discover this world with joy, with constant curiosity, with unstoppable energy that often drives adults to despair. A 3-year-old child torments a parent with the question "why?".

Every new thing is a cause for joy. Each new discovery is a little holiday. With laughter, a twinkle in the eyes. Children do it naturally. They know no borders, the world is not a dangerous place for them. It is a fantastic, huge felt-tip pen, where you can dig up new amazing discoveries. You can save a pebble at Tesco (it's a real story), and you can play with a feather for half a day (this one is also real). There is no division between the days of the week and the