Human personal development – ep. 2

Empowerment Coaching Blog-Human personAL DEVELOPMENT 2

At each new level of development, you begin to see what you were immersed in on the previous level. In the first few levels of your personal development, external influences push you to move up through the levels, to develop new skills and perspectives.

On the other hand, at higher levels, it is you who, as a result of your own decision, can move to the next level taking the witness-observing perspective, as if standing next to you and looking at yourself with curiosity. One cannot witness an aspect and be immersed in the aspect that is being observed at the same time. Observing creates awareness of what you have been immersed in.

Let's call what you are immersed in the subject (what you are) and what you have become aware of (due to the new perspective) - the object (what you now have). At a certain level of their development, children are completely immersed in their feelings - they are their feelings and have little, if any, control over these feelings. Later in development, feelings shift from subject to object - the child now has feelings (and has more control over them). After making this shift, the child becomes aware of his feelings in a way ...

... which was not possible at the time,